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If you employ ONE or 1000 we have a viable solution for you!

Time Attendance problems? Then you are at the right place!


We have been in business since 1992, so we know a lot about the problems you face, and, we have many different solutions to solve your Attendance, Overtime and Staff issues.

Do you have employees who work in remote places?



Are you concerned about their clocking times?



Do you have FULL control over you salaries/wages bill?

Do your staff enjoy taking selfies? (Most people on the planet do). Our Solution is based entirely on selfies.


Do you have a problem with "Buddy Punching" (I clock for you today, you clock for me tomorrow)?



Do you want a happier workforce?

Do you know what your projected overtime bill is for this month?


Can you produce a report to show how many people have taken sick leave for the past year?


How long do you spend on calculating your employees' hours worked on a weekly/monthly  basis?

Can you see all your workers clocking times at any point in the day from the comfort of you office?

How accurate are your overtime records?



I left after 5. How long after 5?

How many "ghost" employees are on your payroll?


Would you like to resolve the disputes you have regarding employees arriving at work late, taking excessive lunch breaks or leaving early?


Would you like to increase you bottom line?

How many wages/salary queries do you have in a week/month, especially overtime?


How much time are your staff "stealing" on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?


Do you want your managers' and supervisors' productivity to increase?

Do your staff work overtime because they "can" or because they need to, to complete a job?


Do you want your employees' productivity to increase?

Do you know that you are required by law to keep "time worked" records for each and every employee for a period of at least three years?


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