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If you employ ONE or 1000 we have a viable solution for you!

Face Time Clocks was born out of the necessity to be able to monitor your staff from anywhere in the world, are your staff clocking on where they are supposed to be? e.g. construction workers, sales reps etc.


Face Time Clocks is proud to be a member of the Sentri Systems family, the home of the renowned TurboTime Time & Attendance software.


Established in 1992, at Sentri Systems we have seen our fair share of T & A problems and can say that with the exception of the extreme rules (e.g. If it's a Public Holiday and a staff member does not work they must still be paid their normal time plus an additional two hours overtime. We could do this but we are still trying to understand why anyone would have such a strange rule.) we have solved them all.


TurboTime offers optional Payroll and Job Timing modules as an addition to the main Time Attendance package.


With over 90 reports as standard we think we have thought of everything, but because we do our own development we are constantly adding customised reports to meet our clients need.


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